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2003-01-02 21:30:21 (UTC)

Starting Over: Aenima

"Don't just call me pessimist...try and read between the
lines. I can't imagine why you wouldn't welcome any change
my friend...I wanna see it come down, bring it down, suck
it down, flush it down.."

-Tool, "Aenima"

Well, it looks like I'm back for now...if I can find a few
things to say now and then

Those of you who may vaguely remember me may remember I
tried to do a "Godsmack Month" where I was going to quote
Godsmack songs, and spew shit..I mean, talk about their
meanings to me and my life...well, this month...or months,
I don't know how long it will last, as they are that damn
good, will be about Tool and what I think in regards to
their lyrics, etc.

Today I quote Aenima...a fine song that, like all songs,
should not be taken at face value. Sure, some people think
it's about the destruction of Los Angeles via earthquakes,
meteors, etc. And for a part, you might be right. However,
Maynard himself is quoted as saying that anyone who
believes that Aenima is that shallow...well, the song is
for you, basically. See, Aenima is not simply about the
demise of LA. Listen to the lines, and you'll see that the
guys are far beyond simple destruction of a smog-infested
town. "Fuck L Ron Hubbard...fuck retro anything..." et. al,
give the song alot of meaning. People who don't chose to
think for themselves, who submit easily, who give bad names
to those out to make something of themselves. Aenima is for

Just as Aenima should not be taken for face value, people
should not be taken at face value. The one guy who seems
unworthy of your time (ladies, I'm sure you know of at
least one) might in reality be the best for you. Guys, the
one girl who seems far too unpopular or far too ugly for
you to be seen with might be the one who'll be your friend
for life...

Yes, that may sound repeated. I don't care. I'm sick of
people who don't give others a chance. Let someone be an
asshole to you first before thinking that. Let someone be
annoying, or irritating, or as bad as "they" say he/she is
before you judge them...unless you're ready to be judged
accordingly, yourself...