My Journal...sorta lol
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2003-01-02 21:28:15 (UTC)

Finally a new year... 01-02-03 (Ive been told this date like 50 million times today, like its cool or somethin arrrgg)

Well, happy new year! hehe its about time, the past year
gave me lots of awesome experiences but Im lookin forward
to the next year... some highlights of the past year....
working at cousins and meeting some of the best ppl ever,
the superbowl!, valentines day (the first good one minus
the car accident!), v's birthday bash (Im cold ha!) being
with mark and then not being with mark and then randomly
getting back with mark lol, study hall with jj and melson
(horoscopes!), gould's english class (huzzah!!), the
beginning of me and beckys "problem" damn those garbage
cans! my b-day, crazy nights in michelle smilings
convertable lol, the can gettin stuck under the taurus
lmao! starting senior year, seeing rick become prom king (i
knew it!) noahs ark (how did we survive? lol) breaking up
fights between v and beck, football at nicoles (say it
again hehe) homecoming :-) , bucks games, meeting Toni!
shit hitting the fan at cousins lol, everything being ok
again at cousins, christmas fun! hehe and steve and david
blah! bri and bry coming back like always and then new
years eve... wow i have a horrible memory thats all i can
remember and i knows theres sooo much more oh well!!

Yea so I had school today! how bogus is that?! it was ok
tho... i just didnt wanna be there. yea so w/e bring on
2003 cuz hopefully only good things can come out of this


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