kippers journal
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2003-01-02 20:16:14 (UTC)

january 2,2003

hey every one my name is kim and i live in massachusettes!!
holla!! i have a bro and a sis and mom dad. i wanted to
write in this to tell my friends wat i am doin and other
things that r happinin. i am in a fight w/ my mom and she
wants me 2 tell her wat is goin on in my life and it is
gettin me mad casue she wants me 2 tell he wat i do w/
guys !!!like nadda(ya right) i dont have a bf and i do have
a crush A BIG ONE !!!!!! his name is **** (shh it is a
secret) and i c him almost every other weekend or sumthin
like that. i go 2 my friends camp her name is bev !!! love
ya thanx 4 talkin me up ta ya camp ya kno y lol my otha
bffe is jess all ya c is curves lol inside joke. i have a
campo my self in maine love ya taylor, lizz megan(doll)
jonny, cooper,and tylor misin any one well that good 4 now
well i will be updating this 4 a while so u guys can read
it love ya all missin ya **** lol ttyl
love always 4 -> eva !!!!