2003-01-02 20:04:33 (UTC)

chow baby

im not going to take back what i said before and everytime i get
mad say im gonna get my revenge just like all these people seem
to have gotten on me..all im gonna say is maybe im acting like its
cool now cuz i dont have a choice but if i have been hurt in an
unfair manner as in adultry this would be grounds for some sort of
payback and that will be left according to my discretion as in
exactly how many people will i have to fuck to make up for it and
how to make sure he finds out about it in the worst possible way as
in im thinking honeymoon love affair with room service ..anyone for
casting please contact me.. chow

p.s. im trying to trust you as you are me ..this isnt like a reason to not trust me
more like speaking for myself since i no voice and was never really given a
chance to explain frustrates me that u still dont trust me but then i
guess u have every logical reason not to but please listen to your heart and
realize i am with u..honestly i trust u with my life and have made somewhat
confusing decisions around u because i thought they would be better for
yoou.i still do feel like it was yesterday and i wish it was..i already trust u with
everything as in mind body etc.i feel comfortable with u more than any guy or
really i dont feel comfortable with any other guy at not saying u have to
agree with me !!!!!!!!! i mean maybe youre still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mad hopefully
not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont think i dont feel what you feel
and thats why it affects me so much just like i can hurt your feelings cuz u
actually care i can hurt yours cuz u care..if anyone else called me names i
would be like wtf ever but from u it hurts..please fucking trust me..i know i fuct
it up big time but when!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a long fucking
time agon u would be amazed by all the stories i want to sharre with you!!
about all the ish ive been thru since we umm whatever GOT TORN THE
FUCK APART thats what its not u or me im not even sure who or why were not
allowed to be together all i knowis it frustrates me as i attempt to find
someone to unsuccessfully!!!!! find someone to replace u or to share my
feelings with..most guys just want some..but u are different not that were not
well im not talkin but how am i supposed to do this alone and to be reminded
of u everywhere..please remember youre the stronger gonna go cry