ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
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2001-09-05 21:10:03 (UTC)

the shock of it..

E 20:18 (o:

R 20:19 ...hi

E 20:19 hello

E 20:19 be careful not to spend to long chatting to

R 20:20 I can't help it if I broke up woth my b/f

E 20:20 well ..was it your choice?

E 20:21 im sorry to hear you are in a time of

E 20:21 again..

R 20:21 no, it wasn't my choice..

E 20:22 oh dear.. you cant keep 'em can you ...are

R 20:23 ... he was fucking another woman..

E 20:23 sorry i shouldnt be so jovial with you..
but you
know that as time takes its
course you will find
another love,,and things
will get happier..

E 20:23 oh dear..

R 20:24 and when I walked in on him, he asked me if I
wanted to join in....

E 20:24 did you know her..?

E 20:24 wow

E 20:24 bloody hell..

R 20:24 yes, she was my fucking best friend..

E 20:25 you caught was that the first
you have caught someone

E 20:25 we will continue this later..

E 20:25 be strong..

R 20:25 I hate my connection

E 20:26 i wont let you down..

E 20:26 ahh ..(o;

R 20:26 I get kicked off without choice

*sighs* ya wanna know what
makes it worse?

E 20:26 can i laugh..if its funny?

E 20:27 im not laughing at you..remember that..just
the circumstances

R 20:27 *shrugs* he and she, weren't a lone in the
bed.... my friend Nicky was
in there too...

E 20:27 lol

E 20:27 bloody hell an orgy..

E 20:28 well... this is goig to take a bit of

E 20:28 you dont want to lose all these friends do

E 20:28 hey were you tempted to join in..?

R 20:29 Nicky is a guy, when I walked he had his cock
my now ex's ass..

E 20:29 if you emptions would have let you you
could have
kept all 3 as friends ..then
been nasty to the
bloke later..(o:

E 20:29 wow

E 20:29 bloody hell ..

R 20:29 no, I walked out and slammed the door behind

E 20:30 i am a little shocked..

E 20:30 well ..yes

R 20:30 he always said he was straight...

E 20:30 did you realise he was ...oh ok

E 20:31 so was nicky your best friends b/f

E 20:31 do you not think this is a little ... well
you honestly say you cant
sit back ..look at it
all from a distance and
chuckle a little at

R 20:33 I have many gay friends.. I have no problem
that.. it was just he said
he was straight, and
was loyal to me..

E 20:33 if not ..and you are still fuming..then
i will understand

R 20:33 I'm more hurt than angry

E 20:33 yes anger ..i can understand..

E 20:34 so nicky had his cock up your blokes arse,,
was your best friend..?

E 20:34 whos house were they at..?

R 20:34 she had her cunt in his mouth

my house

E 20:35 your house...thats not you
at home still

E 20:38 to hear you use words like cunt and fuck
and arse
is somewhat suprising.. and
a little arousing.. i
am seeing you in a different
light kathyrn.. (o:

E 20:38 i have to go out.. im back in 20 mins.. (o:

R 20:38 yes, my ex was staying here while he was
through moving out of his
home, my best friend
and her b/f came over to see
me, but I had to go
to college for about 4
hours.. when I got back, I
walked into my room, and all
this shit was

R 20:40 ok

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