Life Sux Then You Die
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2001-09-05 21:08:17 (UTC)

Day: 45(Vacation Diary)

Well, tonight (7:31pm Friday August 31st) we were suppose
to head off to Florida. But my parents decided we would
leave at 4:00am...*sighs* oh well....I printed an email
which I am gonna read along with my Japanese lessons...oo
oreos..brb ^_^ back oreos are the best! we had the snack-
size ones hehehe ^_^ yumm! DAMN! ...:Þ sux to be me...wouldnt it be
weird if people you talk to on the internet were like,
right there standing beside you on the sidewalk, or in the
exact same beach you were at. it would be soo weird. not a
bad weird...a good weird. well...i am gonna play hangman.
see yaz. -back. lost 12 times...won 7...sadness...i did
better on the other round but i pressed wrong button and
had to start over. oh well i am gonna do something ...i
dunno know what but i am gonna do it! hehehe see yaz...

11:02pm- swimming is fun...but...until my dad gets a big
bite and his line more fun. mom thought the
fish was a shark so we had to get out of the water...then
we got back in after a few minutes of looking out...Around
7 or 8 I put on my white beach shirt over my bathing suit
and went out in the water and took 2 pictures of the was beautiful. beach sunsets are always
beautiful. now all i need is someone to watch it with
*sighs* damn...cant stay awake...eyes droopy...well i think
thats a signal for beddy-bye time. nite folks. Last note
before sleepy- CAUTION-don't feed or molest the Nicole-
igators CAUTION- heheh nite goofs of the world.

-DAY: 47-
exactly 7:00am...argle pooo! too early...but cant go back
to sleep...i have to be shhh..*whispers*ma is
still sleepin. i think i woke up early cuz its monday...the
whole internal clock thing...i woke up at 5:23, but went
back to sleep..blah...i think i am gonna turn the volume
down and play tetris. bye

9:17am-watching sally with ma. she is laughing...had some
toast and some cranberry juice..her milk is old....florida
rules. frog creek...this trailer/rv park should be Lizard
Creek. hehehe well i gotta get dressed...gotta go back
home..blah...bye for now...

10:30...going fishing...this sux....i want to stay...bye
for now.....

11:30: no fish...oh well...listening to limp bizkit. *sings
the whole song* the water looks good...clear, warm,
salty...yea nice...ahhh... *sighs* 12:08....*sighs again*
its gonna be a long more time on this
song.... *sings* its a fucked up world, a fucked up
place...hehehehehe they say over 46 fucks, i am gonna lay
my head back and think...bye..

2:28...just got done eating was i got a grape lollipop..yum. my god am i
hyper! sprite is caffenine free right? tapping on my
clipboard with the pen! cant wait to go home..then i can go
online and talk to BEN! YAY!!! ehhehehehehe headbanging is
fun! looking for more "we bare all" signs.. so far...20....
BILLBOARD SIGN: (Palmetto, Florida): We Buy Ugly Houses
we are talking about crushes... hehehe now they arent
talking to me...fuck it i say. looks like its gonna storm..

(from 3:26 to 4:41-rain storm)

5:22- i am hyper..really hyper.. i have sunglasses over my
glasses which looks dorky as hell...then i have two
clippies in my buns and i am taking a junior bag clip and
clicking it at passing cars. what can i say? i am fishing!
^_^ ooo passing cars! hehehhe! fun...WOOPS!!! AHH! NO! did
that to a passing..undercover..cop...heh ^_^;;;;; woopsie.
i am so fucking high...high off of oxygen.....this oxygen
is some good shit. hehe another heavy
rainstorm....lovely....these sunglasses sure take glare of
the sun teacher told my mom i
have A.D.D. i probably have it..oh well..i cant sit still
for long periods of time..less then a minute is too
long..hyperness is apart of my personality. heheh i am
nuts. well..bye for now...

DAY: 48-
laugh* now i want to go back to florida. *whines* its so
nice there...frogs and lizards everywhere.....oooooo
mr.huff is heerree ^_^ yay! huff is awesome! he was my 9th
grade LA teacher...he is the best! he broke his neck last
year and i was the only one..or the first one to actually
give him a get well card. well..we are gonna play a fun
game with him...brb...back..the play...
witchcraft isnt about devil worship. i actually tried
wicca..its not so bad..but i got freaked out cuz i was
conjuring up the dead and saw a "ghost" at my grandma's
house and stopped...i know it sounds weird back there about
conjuring up the dead and not devil worship...buuutt i was
gonna ask questions to the spirit about how they died, why
they are in this house. yea..then my parents started
(trying) making me into a catholic/christian...but i dont
believe in the whole "invisible man" deal...i believe in
reincarnation and no gods....well..reading brb..

in 3rd now...blah...mike gave me a starburst and that was
my lunch . lab..brb
oo mixing *taps fingers together* excellents
hehehehe woops..put chemical in wrong spot..not good..i am
so work..gots to run..bye