2001-09-05 20:43:38 (UTC)


Today Senpai found one of *THE* funniest videos I have
ever seen. A music video of Trigun to "macho man".
*insane laughter fit*

I miss my VB and CISCO classes already.. *whimpers
pathetically* They have T-3 so I'm allowed to cry dammit!
It's not fair. It's JUST NOT FAIR!!

Could be worse tho. I could've taken auto again.
*shudders* Then I'd have *no* access to the T-3 lines. And
from what I've heard, I'd be stuck doing bookwork- with
annoying hillbillies- again- for the first 3 hours of
school. Oh yes, I'm seeing the brighter side of this.

Started doodling a pic of Saint Tail in Chem today.
It's a manga series I found 'bout a Catholic girl that goes
around stealing stuff that people stole from others. It
looked interesting in Borders. (I opened up the book to a
page that says "My new lizard is flying away!!" and just
couldn't pass it up.)
I love manga ^.^

Well, I'm getting distracted, so I'm gonna go for now.
Probly put more up later. *shrugs*

^.^ x