2000-11-04 18:45:08 (UTC)

Okay, I m starting this diary..

Okay, I'm starting this diary thingie.

I'm in a good mood. Saw some movies last nite with my best friend and
my sister, it was very nice. Go see Pay It Forward! And be ready to
cry...I did. And I do not cry at movies. Not at Titanic, none of
those horribly sappy movies. It wasn't horribly sappy, just
emotional, somewhat realistic, inspiring, and incredibly personal- I
saw my mother and parts of myself in this characters. Its strange how
much movies can relate to real life. I'm more of a music person, but
movies are a very nice way to escape reality for a little while. I
love movie theatres...My friends and I are usually the loudest
persons in there...Thats just how we are. Tis fun, I like it.