Mysterious Attitude
2003-01-02 17:59:15 (UTC)

New Years... new diary?

*Date: Jan. 2, 2003
*Time: 11:57 a.m.
*Wearing: Tight gray long sleeve shirt and jeans with
designs on the legs.
*Jewelry/Accessories: My links bracelet, my cross ring, my
nugget ring, my necklace with my nugget cross charm, and 3
glow in the dark bracelets
*Hair: down messed up
*Listenin to: Ashanti- Happy
*Eating/Drinkin: nothing
*Last Ate: A sandwich
*Last Drank: Sprite
*Song of the day: Holla At a Player- Jim Crow *I think*
*Weather: Sorta cloudy and cold
*Talking to: no one I have my away message on
*Mood: Ghettofied and happy
*Thinking: What am I going to wear today?
*Later: Going to tha mall with Sharia and going to see Tiff
*Money Count: 20 bonez
*Last Said: I was singing tha song lol
*Watching: the screen?
*Project: none
*Countdown: 4 dayz till school starts back

Hehe oh wow I really missed this diary! Since I have 3
diaries now and I want them all to be a little different...
I think I'm going to have this one serve for my poetry and
entries I wanna keep for a long time. I know can I print
these out but I'm not sure if I can print out the ones I
have on blury.com cuz of all tha colors and pictures and
stuff. But I love my old school diary and I will be
updating this one everytime I upgrade my new one! ;)

Since it's new years I should put what I plan on doing...
Everyone knows 3 is my lucky number and since 3 is in this
year I have a feeling it is going to be one of my best
years. Here are my plans:

1) Be the true me ... I'm going back to the old Hele... the
fun loving, out-going, playette one. So u know my quote for
this year has to be sumthing in the player lines right?
Hehe I came up with this, I'm just a playette in it for the
fun not tied down by the love! Which means I'm going to
play around and jump from relationship to relationship
until I find the person who can make me stop playing. It
hasn't happened yet, I thought it did and Justin seemed
really promising ... but he let me down. Paul also looks
like he could make me chill down and not be a playette but
home boy is a player too ... so he knows how it is ... but
we will see what will happen. Jessie... I can't really say
anything about her until I met her ... know what I mean?

2) I'm throwing my low self-esteem out the damn window and
going to be confident! If sumone has a problem with the way
I look they can just not look at me as far as im concerned!

3) My shyness, betta say bye bye cuz its going out the
window with the low self-esteem.

4) I'm going to go for a new style. Once I get my hair done
and my eyebrows waxed and shaped I'm going back to my
gangsta style with a lot of twist added to it. U will see
what I'm talking about hehe.

5) Lose weight, explains itself lol

Well, I think that is about all for right now ... so I'll
holla at u all l8er. byez peace b wild!