One hell of a life
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2003-01-02 17:14:10 (UTC)

1-2-03 entry twenty four

Okay...this holiday has been boring as hell. Today we went
to Hua Ting... to buy some clothes. Obviously. Okay here's
what I wanted, um lets see...those little silver chain belt
thingy's (so cute), some new earrings, a top, maybe some
jeans, and...lip gloss. What did I buy...nothing. Oh, yeah,
a doughnut. Yum. Anyway, waste of bus/taxi money but it was
okay. There was this pretty hot looking guy. Who
stared...but uh yeah, he was about twenty and I didnt see
him around afterwards.

What else...ummmm...Lois is staying over...And we
just watched Ed-TV. It's okay I guess. Anyway now we're
just searching for diaries ... on this site...there are
some really sick ones out there. Anyway, I can't believe
the holiday's almost over...still, after two weeks of
school - we get another week off. Ahh...i love life.
Anyway - I'm bored of guys in our school - we desperately
need some hot in SAS there are loads. Damnit.
Anyway...I'm ReAl BORED so we're probably going to watch a
movie now.