2001-09-05 20:07:00 (UTC)

My First Day Of School

Ok so today was my first day of school. I hated it and it
was not what i expected by any means. I was expecting to
see all my friends and to just be all happy and jittery. I
mean sure i saw all my friends and i even skipped my lunch
block to ensure this but i dont know it felt like something
was missing. Its kinda depressing that its only the first
day and i'm not even sure if i can get through the whole
year. Oh well In another area of my life i finally found a
girl that is awsome. Shes pretty, smart, and has a heart
unlike alot of my past g/f's. Its nothing serious right now
but i kinda wish it was.This is a girl i can see myself
with for a long time. It pisses me off tho cause alot of
people give me shit about her for a few diffrent reasons
but for the first time in my life i just dont seem to care.
I guess that in the past i have done things according to
what pleases my friends but at this point in time i dont
give a fuck anymore. I wanna do what makes me happy and
everytime i'm around this girl i'm happy so why should
anybody else care?