Blood and Chocolate
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2001-09-05 20:03:21 (UTC)


Hey everyone !
How is everyone ?? I am great! I got some letters from
Adam last night and I wanted to share them with you !!! Ok
here is the first one !
" hey baby its me Adam. I've missed you so much. ya know
what this is kinda wierd, but i am really really really
really really really starting to like you! i mean for real.
Your the greatest! love ya always,
Yours til i die!
Adam "
OH my heart ! I just thought that you people who read my
journal might be interested !!! Ok so today at school
wasn't the greatest and I almost fell asleep in Economics
and Civics! hehe ! I am so tired ! Probably cause I stayed
up till like 11:30 cause I just had to watch Spider Games!
I don't know if any of you have seen it , its a show on
MTV its on at 7 and 11 east coast time ! Its such a good
show ! See I watch it cause its kinda like a teenage
soap ! Its really good ! Its kind of confusing at first
but once you start watching it you catch on ! Anyways
Sawsha this guy on the show who is 16 just got in a
motorcycle acciedent ! and he is in the hospital ! :( !
Which is a bumber cause he is like the hottest punk guy !
hehe . Yea its a very long story ! you should really watch
it ! Its right now my favorite show cause the new season of
Dark Angel hasn't started ! I also love that show ! its the
best !
OH befor I forget about it I want to give you the update on
that girl I was telling you about a few entries back ! I
am still going to be friends with her but I am speaking up
about what I think she is saying and how I feel about it
more and more !! I am also going to try and help her see
that she can't act that way towards people! Cause its just
plain rude! ya know ?! oh yea ! Adam started a journal !
HEHE ! its called St.Lunatic025 ! Its at the same place
where you most likely found mine! hehe ! I gotta bounce !
OH please send me some responses to my journals when you
can! I love to here from you ! and Thanks the the few that
did send me some !
Luv ya always !
*~Marissa ~*