Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-01-02 14:35:54 (UTC)

here again... annoyed again

I am so fucking mad at myself, I was so angry at Amy and
her shit that I left some of my personal stuff at her house
yesterday, so I get to drive back to New Orleans today to
get my stuff from her. But after today, ist he last time I
talk to her. She betrayed me, and I am too out of it to
deal with, I need sleep and I don't need to be angry at
someone, it hurts to much, so I'm just going to ignore her.

I am so ugh!!!!!!!! I can't believe she pulled this shit
with me.

Oh well, besides that, 2003 has been off to a horrible
fucking bang!

Well, I better run, I need to call Mom (more crap)

bye for now,