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2003-01-02 13:19:35 (UTC)

Good Morning...

I've always considered myself a night owl. I seem to do my
best thinking and work at night. The dark and the damp are
cool and comforting. Everyone else is asleep, but I'm up
and active, like a secret that nobody knows about.

But I've come to be dogsitting. And dogs must go out at
various times of day. And it seems ont of the times that
this dog needs to go out is 7am. It's still cool and damp
here, but there is light.

The sun streams through the air and through tree branches.
Sometimes I can see the swirling dust in one of the shafts
of light as I'm being walked. There still aren't too many
people awake. And there is the promise of a new day, one
where I haven't fucked up yet.

I am starting to believe that each new day is a gift. And
I think I'll start unwrapping them...beginning with the
sunlight bows.