"Leben ist ein Weibchen."
2003-01-02 12:24:54 (UTC)


So where do I start? haha. Well I talked to my mom
today and we decided that I'm going back Thursday. Back to
Denver I go just as my dream man enters my life. *argh*
haha.... check this out.
I was pretty bummed tonight because Brandy had to go
straight home from work, and Andrew was working on editing
his BMXing footage with Max. I called Chris and we talked
for like an hour and a half. I tried calling him again to
come see me at like 10:15ish. I got kicked offline like 5
times around 10:30ish and so I just said fuck it, I'm
staying off then. I called some guy who wants to take me to
a dinner and a movie Friday, and I kept hearing something
really close to my window. I ignored it because I live in
like the Clifton ghetto, and I just figured it was my
I hear my doorbell ring and low and behold Chris and
Troy were standing outside. *sighs* I couldnt have been
happier. We all chilled in my room for a while because my
dad left somewhere and wasn't home yet. Me and Chris were
fooling around (pillow-fighting and whatnot) and Troy had
to go home at 12ish. I went with Chris to drop him off. We
came back to my house, and this time, we didn't forget my
CDs. We tallked about everything for a few hours, and he
told me how beautiful my eyes were and he was basically my
prince in shining armor. We started kissing (our first
kiss) and it led to fooling around. We made the most
beautiful, passionate love I have ever imgined. I didn't
think making love could be as powerful as me and Chris made
it. It lasted for hours. He kissed every inch of my body,
and i loved every part of his. Everytime I opened my eyes
to look at his beautiful face, I smiled this bg, loving
smile, and so did he. It ended at 5ish. *aighs* I don't
want him to ever leave me. I didn't think that a man could
make me feel so...beautiful from the soul out and still
love me for who I am. He's going to a college in Broomfield
in April, and do you know what that means? That means we
don't have to leave each other's side for a few years if we
dont want to. I dont know how we are gonna work out with
the time that we will be apart. I am gonna ask him to come
see me on the weekends until my bday, then i'll come see
him on the weekends, I am hoping wecan trade off weekends
throughout the months. I am falling for him hard and fast
and I don't want him to ever leave me. Or me him. I have
faith that this can work out if we both want it to enough.
I know I can, but the question is, does he care about me as
much as he says he does? I hope so because I'm willing to
change my world upside down for him. Now I'm looking for
the same compassion and love. I really want this to
work...pray for me you guys!


P.S.My dad still isn't home yet... he's NEVER done this...
what sould I do? Callmy mom? Idk...

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