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2003-01-02 12:19:03 (UTC)

To Sam

On December 31st, around 10pm, Sam spoke to me on msn. He
was telling me that he had a really bad day and I asked him
why. He told me his grandma had just passed away in Sri
Lanka, my condolences for him and his family.
Out of all my friends I've known Sam the longest. I went to
primary school with him, wasn't really good friends with
him, sort of an acquaintance. Back then, looking back,I
know I was a bad person, I just got on with particular
people and neutral to others. As I left primary school, I
went to Bexley Grammar, Sam was in the same form as me and
we had a moderate friendship. As time went on our
friendship grew and we started to hang around eachother
more and more. Most of my close friends I met in secondary
school, but Sam has been one person I that I felt then was
a true friend. We've known eachother for so long that we're
more like brothers than friends. After our final year at
BGS (Bexley Grammar School), he stayed on at 6th form and i
went to college. After 2 years of that we ended up in the
same University as eachother. Sam is just the most trusting
person you could ever meet. He's smart, funny, "stylish"
(lol), loyal and just a good person to hang around. Without
him I don't think I could ever have been the person I am
today. Even though we weren't that close at first, knowing
that he was in the same class as me, knowing that there was
someone who knows me and knows what I been through was just
comforting to me. There isn't anything I want to change
about him, he's just great and I admire and truly love him.
I've known him for so long, saying stuff like I'll hope we
always be friends is just stupid, because we'll always keep
in touch no matter.
I hope that he's ok about everything and wish him the best
for the future. Sam, this ones for you :huggles: ^_^