2001-09-05 19:11:40 (UTC)

grr fuck that.

this is so fuckgin stupid.
people make me out to be such a fucking bitch.
such a FUCKING bitch.
you know?
when i loved you.
i LOVED you.
i would have done anything fuckign for you.
i DID do everything for you.
and then you fucked with my head.
you fucked with my heart.
you fucking fucked with my emotions
and i stopped.
like an off switch.
i stopped it all.
there is a line
and once it is crossed
you cant go back
and no amount of im sorrys will fix it.
nothing said or read can alter that.
and now things are different.
and now i just dont care.
because either i do a lot.
or i dont.
and i cant anymore.
i cant trust you.
i cant trust you with my emotions.
and im sorry.
im sorry that you hate me.
im sorry that im this HUGE fuckgin BITCH
im FUCKING sorry.
but you know.
i didnt bring this upon you.
i didnt instigate this.
and no matter what you may tell yourself about me.
at one point you loved me.
and i havent changed.
so ask YOURSELF why.
ask yourself what the fuck that exactly says about you.

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