Dana N Ashley

Dana N Ashley
2001-09-05 18:54:28 (UTC)

A miracle!!

yoooo well me n ash r goin to lakehurst soon n we were
talkin to brian seamen cuz we gottah go with ashs mom to
the cleaners and thats where josh works so we ask him wut
time he will get off so we dunt walk in there wen hes in
there n brian was on the fone with him!
DEVILS31AD: do u no what time jopsh gets off work
cause i gottah go there n ill feeel liek a afg if i walk
int here n hes there
BriDog2002: 400
BriDog2002: he said y?
BriDog2002: im on thephone wit him
DEVILS31AD: lmao cause id ont wanna go there when hes
DEVILS31AD: n dana will be with me n shell like run
out !!!
DEVILS31AD: cause we gottah help my om bring all this
shit in formt he studio
BriDog2002: go to his house like 4 15
BriDog2002: peace
^^^****did u see [email protected] he sed come over! hahahahaha
shannon EAT ME! dumb bitch!! im not so depressed rite now i
think im alrite today but last nite was a lil hard 4 me n
ash cuz ash n kenny broke up n he was mean to her
today...guys suck big ballz...ne way today me ash n cristin knapp r
juss hangin out we r kinda lazy n i dunt wanna go to skool tomarrow
well i gottah bounce cuz i gottah go to lakehurst hahahahahaha