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2003-01-02 06:54:38 (UTC)

new years show

they show today was great it started at noon and went to
about midnite. i just got home. we left before the last
band played, but i got to see the other 17. i fell when i
was stage diving and landed on my head, i was so dizzy it
was hard to stand up and the guy had to check to see if i
had a concusion (prolly not spelled right) but i
didnt...which i knew, it just hurt wicked bad. regardless i
still will crowd surf at shows, i just have to be more
careful. it wasnt a good nite to do it, there were too many
gaps, but i had to, it is just so much fun. i wished you
were at the show today as well. overall i had fun, i was
sick off and on which sucked and kept getting depressed but
it was prolly the best day ive had in a long time because i
could keep myself distracted most of the time. i had josiah
drive home b/c of my head, and because it was bad out and
he has more experience driving then i do, especially
standard. we came across a bunch of deer and i freaked out.
later down the road there was one right in the middle of
the road and it scared me so badly i thought we were going
to hit it, but thankfully we didnt.well, my ears are
ringing and my head is aching and i have a bump on my knee
that isnt feeling too well either right now so ill write
more later.....