Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2003-01-02 05:34:35 (UTC)

happy new year

iight i havent written since bef0re christmas break s0
s0rry. well lemme see. theres a l0t t0 say. i never ended
up gettin wit j0e. but wh0 kn0wz i mite. but newayz. i
ended up gettin wit jesse 0ver the first past 0f christmas
break. we hung 0ut a c0uple times. but we never really
talked t0 me. he didnt call much. s0 i d0nt really kn0 why
i whuz g0in' 0ut wit him... but newayz. heather used t0 g0
0ut wit jesse. and she whuz bein all n0sey and shit. and s0
i th0ught i w0uld test him t0 see what kihnda friend she
whuz. s0 i whuz all like i d0nt really think me and jesse
are w0rkin', i think ima dump him s00n and all this shit.
and i think she pr0lly t0ld him but i dunn0 she m0ved t0
h0lden so i guess it d0nt even matter what kinda friend she
is cuz i w0nt see her much nemore but i just d0nt see h0w
pe0ple y0u th0ught were y0ur friends c0uld g0 and d0 y0u
like that ya kn0? newayz jesse n0w thinks we sh0uld "just
be friendz" s0 i guess he dumped me...0h well. n0 l00se. i
just wanted t0 dump him. n0w i've been dumped twice. that
sux. bein dumped aint k00l. i sh0uld be the dumper n0t the
dumpee. 0h well. newayz. uhh x mas whuz k00l i guess. but i
g0tta a fever 0n x mas eve and i whuz sick for like that
wh0le week. it whuz h0rrible. i still went t0 a c0uple
family things th0. but i didnt get t0 g0 skiing wit the
family. uhh i g0t a l0t 0f $m0ney$ f0r x mas. and i went
and g0t my nails d0ne f0r x mas and did sum sh0ppin. i
still g0tta l0t 0f shoppin' t0 d0. f0r x mas. on new years
i went t0 shawn's. it whuz me jenn mandy shawn mark and
glen. we drank sum smirnoff'z and had a l0t of vodka and
coke mix'z. we g0t pretty messed up. and we all had fun i
think. but mark whuz still sick. and so he had to leave at
like 3:30 in the m0rning. i dunn0 i alm0st fucked glen. and
that is n0t g00d. but i dunn0. i wanted t0 but i didnt
wannna feel like a wh0re. cuz i aint even wit glen. i
wanted t0 d0 it and get it 0ver wit. but i c0uldnt it w0uld
have pr0lly ruined my rep. since i whuznt wit him. s0 i
didnt. but i messed r0und wit him. yummy. he l00ked g00d.
s0 neways i went t0 sleep at like 4 but i didnt really g0
t0 sleep cuz glen w0uldnt let me and like every 10 minz.
he w0uld wake me up. but newayz t0day i g0t up and went
h0me at 11. and went t0 sleep and slept til 7:45. it whuz
crazy. i messed b ball practice. and mark g0t put in the
h0spital cuz it turns 0ut sumthin is wr0ng wit his
appendix. i just chilled most 0f t0nite. and a llil bit ag0
at like 10 30 erin came 0ver and we made sm00thies. they
were g00d. 0h yea yesterday at shawn'z jas0n sh0wed up. he
whuz bein an ass. and an0ther thing c0dy is g0in 0ut wit a
gurl named allie she is a year younger than him s0 i think
he is pr0lly just usin' her t0 get sum. but ya never kn0 i
c0uld be wr0ng. but im preetty shur im n0t. what is up wit
the guys i pick. silly me. newayz today is wednesday jan.
the 1st. and tomorrow i g0t practice at like 8 AM s0 ima
geet 0ff her in a sec. s0 im 0ut bye!