~ Ophelia ~
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2003-01-02 05:20:37 (UTC)

:: The thing I never thought I would do. ::

Wasn't there something in your life that you thought
was wrong, but you did it anyways. Well there has been
alot of that in my life. Like me starting to fall in love
with my soul mates friend. Always a bad thing. I have no
clue as to what to do with my life these days.

These days I really don't know who is false and who is
not. I really want someone there for me in my life and the
boys that go to thew high school are all jurks and asses.
I want someone I know will stick around. And then there is
Beu my best friend in the world. He is a lonely guy too.
All my friends think we should go out and if I wasn't
affraid of messing up our friendship then I prolly would
try and start something with him.

I think that this guy would just be a rebound guy
though. Because I am not fully over Jorge yet. All I know
is that I miss him sooooooo much, and he needs to come back
before I do something I will regret. Which I know I will.
That's the bad part about that. Jorge gave me a lot of
love and an equal amount of pain too. Tonight getting to
talk to him though makes me very happy. Sometimes I just
want someone to feel the same way for me. If that happened
I would be the luckiest happiest person alive.

I hope Beau takes the time to read this, and I hope me
telling him that he is the greatest guy I know will make
him feel much better. There isn't anything more important
to me than my "Family" and then my Family. My "Family"
consists of my mom, brother, aunts, uncles, and cousins.
My other Family consists of Beau, Mikey, Sam, Brian, G-
Money, Stone, Heather, Jenny, Chris, Jeff, and Mikael.
They are there for me when I need them, and I can count on
them. When I am in trouble they are always around to
protect me. We are one. We are a click. And only a few
of us can say we are crip and we are proud.

And now that I Have said my peace for the night I leave
you with you remembering this. Friends and some family may
be there for somethings, but your clic will always have
your back. And on another note. I do not and will not
fear Sam. And he really needs to stop dry humping me all
the time. I love him to death as a person, but he can be a
little crazy at the wrong time. Well enough for one nights
worth. Got to watch COPS now.


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