Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2003-01-02 05:04:46 (UTC)

The Happiest New Year

It's 10:30 pm on New Year's Day, and 2003 has already
started off as the happiest year of my life. I went up to
spend New Year's with Tyler, and I have never had a better
2 days in my entire life.

I'll never forget the way he brought it up. Between
kisses, he said, "I was thinking that since I really care
about you so much, and New Year's is the second most
romantic night of the year, I'd really like to make love to
you tonight."

So we made love... for the first time in my entire life, I
made soft, tender, intimate, and meaningful love. The fact
that he even made the decision to have sex with me - for me
to be his first - completely amazes me. I know he would
never do something so important unless he had given it a
lot of thought.

Today was a wonderful day. Every time we looked at each
other, I could feel this connection that wasn't there
before. There was an even more amazing feeling that rushed
through me when he reached for my hand. Our words became
even more expressive of our emotions than they had been

As we were standing outside in the cold, saying our
goodbyes until the new semester starts, tears started
streaming down his face. Tyler is not one to cry easily,
so I know the emotion he was feeling at that moment was
extremely intense. It made me long to go back inside and
wrap myself up in his arms and stay there until school
started again. But, summoning all of my willpower, I got
in the car and drove the two hours back home.

I know it is only nine days, and they will be gone before I
know it, but something inside both of us never wanted this
visit to end. Fortunately, I know that once it is time for
me to return, we are going to have the most wonderful
semester ever.