things running through my mind.
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2003-01-02 05:00:22 (UTC)

hey.... this x-mas was nice..

hey.... this x-mas was nice this year.. well it didnt seem
as x-masy this year too.. like no one put out lites and my
family seemed so small and it wasnt such a big deal ne more
to open presents and most of the presents i get i dont like
but i dont wanna say ne thing bcuz i only see most of them
once a year soo i try and b nice and just tell them that i
liek all of my presents but i really did like my soccer
ball and slippers ... my new years was gay...i was at
marthas and her Bushia never shuts up.. seriously after a
while it gets erally really annoyin and i dont think i
could of stayed there ne longer! ya newyas im happy to kno
that ppl called from amandas house bcuz they had a 5th
wheel and he needed a girl and i was one of the choices for
chris k cuz i dont kno if i liek him or not.. if he were to
tell me he likes me then watch ill like him like the next
minute. I wish i was sitting at home so i could of gone i
could of been with chris and become better friends with
amanda and kristen and that would have been good!but i
wasnt hoem soo never mind...
O ya also i guess mike still likes me bcuz zach sed that he
played the game for me but i dont see y they lost the game
and he played bout 5 minutes but that was sweet.. but i
wish he would come up and talk to me once in a while im not
really a hard person to talk to i mean well kinda at first
but i talk alot soo even if u sit and talk with me for a li
bit ull have to find sumthing we can talk..!Im hopin taht
my game on monday is a home game and hell come to it... and
then i can see him at the varsity game or he can watch me
hehe! during my game but watch he wont come .. witch gives
me the impression that if i ever did go out with him he
wouldnt b the kinda guy that likes u soo much that he comes
to the games just to watchu play.. or sit the bench.
my new years resolution is.. to bcome better frineds with
all the ppl im not that i wanna b friends with like
kristne adn ppl who i think look really fun and nice to b
around.Also i wanna keep my grades up and do all my home
work at home and not in all my classes the next day. Also i
wanna try really hard in soccer soo i look good and can
make the Varsity team and get to play.... but i dont kno if
i will b good enough to help make our team win the state
champs! I also wanna get a b/f b4 the school year is over i
kno guys that like me soooo i really hope one will just get
to kno me and like me enough to ask me out!but see thats
more of a wish then sumthing i can do! I also wanna pray
that i do good on my finals that i have no idea bout wut
half of the stuff we r learning bout!?!
well peace

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