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Well I Guess This Is Growing Up
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2001-09-05 17:52:25 (UTC)

First Days at a New School

Yesterday was my first day at Mangotsfield school. It's
very odd going to the school that Laura went to before she
died. I'm in her old tutor group and I've met all her
friends. They're all really nice. In fact, nearly everyone
in the school is really nice. It's a generally great

There's another girl who's new too, she's come from
Swindon. Her name's Sophie and she's into all the same
stuff as me: blink-182, Limp Bizkit, Buffy, Seth Green,
James Marsters.. Nearly everything I like, she likes too.
She even wants to get he lip peirced like me.

Alishia is new too. She went to my old school and her mum
moved her. She hates it at Mangotsfield, I guess because
she was popular at St. Tom's. We were working together in
English today (me, Sophie and Alishia) and you were
supposed to be writing your thoughts don as they came into
your head and Alishia wrote all this stuff down about how
everyone at the school were goths and skaters and she
doesn't understand everyone and wishes she was still at St. Tom's.
It's so weird cos I feel the exact opposite.

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