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2001-09-05 17:34:44 (UTC)

We're Number enO

First entry. wow.

Gripe Session. Work: The utmost in futility. Why do I
stay here? They pay well for the little that I actually
have to do. If I described my job to you, you would
probably jump on it in a heartbeat. I have virtually
nothing to do. I sit here day in and day out answering
phones and waiting for my pager to go off so I can run out
and fix someone's server. I am nothing but a (bored)
glorified UPS delivery man. I got into the computer
business to actually use my brain on a daily basis, not
match numbers and drive them here and there around the

Non gripe session. Near Future: Moving back by my
parents soon. The fiancee and I have talked it over and
that's where we want to be. Nice area, really quiet and
almost no crime. Going to give up my salary to work part
time and maybe go back to school. Things could be worse...
I could be staying where I am in my nowhere job with the
decent salary and be angry and bored and shiftless all the
time. No thanks, I'll take my chances up there where life
is simpler.

This has been fun. I doubt anyone will read it, which is
why I have no gripes about making it public. Here's to


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