I have become comfortably numb
2003-01-02 04:33:14 (UTC)

Happy New Year

Well todat is a brand new year. As far as I can tell 2003
will be a strange and new experience for me. Things have
already hit the weird turn, while most people may think it
will be a turn for the worst I actually am kind of happy
about the way things are turning out. I found out
something that I didn't think I would find out on New Years
Eve. At first I was shocked and scared b/c of course I
don't know what will happen. Now I am tryin to look onto
the bright side of things. Those of you who know me know
what I am talkin about. Those of you who don't, maybe I
will tell in my next diary entry. Maybe then I will want
everyone to know about it. But as for now, it stays
between me and the closest people to me. I know that this
year is goin to be tough on me and tough on my baby Jeremy,
but I know we will make it through b/c we have each other.
I know thats why I can make it through everything,
especially this b/c I have him. He is my rock, my love, my
everything. I honestly don't know what I would do without
him. I can't imagine ever bein without him. And it seems
so strange to me that I actually have somethin to count on
now. Not only the best person I have ever met, but also
myself. I can only thank Jeremy for showin me I am a good
person, I am something special, and showin me how to
believe in myself, and that there is somethin to believe
in. I know now, with him I can make it through. I know
now more than ever that the love we have is true. His is
my everything, my only thing, the only one I will ever
need. I love him. Jeremy, baby, I love you. Thank you
for bein in my life, and thank you for stayin here right
beside me where you belong. I know it is gonna be hard,
but I swear baby, we can make it through. I love you baby
and I always will.


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