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2003-01-02 03:12:49 (UTC)

day one

Today is the first day of 2003. Impressive. I decided to
start one of these things so I can vent to it instead of
using my friends for it. Because I am sure they dont want
to hear the shit I got to say. They say that it is ok, but
there is better things that I can be doin with all these
sweet ass people than talking. Today at work was alright.
Rob flipped a nut or two. Allison is such as punk ass
bitch. Shes gotta learn to watch what she says. She doesnt
even work as hard as we do and all she does is bitch bitch
bitch. I hate it. Today I smiled alot because I wasnt gonna
let her get me down. Not today, not ever. Shes not gonna
get under my skin. I juss hope Rob is ok. Hes such as
sweetie. I love him to pieces. He deserves someone as good
as him. hes a good kid, noone realizes that and it
aggrivates me. Thats kinda like me..but not exactly like me
because its from my point of its obviously
different. Sometimes, I believe that I think to much. I
think about what might happen. Its like if I dont think
things through, I feel like I am gonna get screwed. Even
though sometimes, I know that is not going to happen.
I have to move on...just like the day,
some come, and some fade. I lvoe all my friends, Im afraid
to leave them in June. I will be back, but will they be
here???? I hope so. I just want to do some traveling to
find out who I really am...who I want to be..I want to meet
soem cool people. Some real people. I want to learn things
I cant learn at home. Im gonna miss it. I promise I will be
back. Dont leave. I love you ..all of you..with the
exception of a couple.
~Jenn~ Jan. 1

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