Lost and Searching
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2003-01-02 02:51:33 (UTC)


well i am not for sure what the hell has been happening to
me in the last couple of days...damn it i told myself that
i wouldn't do anything without a relationship or something
like that, but then again i don't want to put hurt on
anyone else..Hell i even told jeff that several times...and
in the end i didn't push him away very hard, or even after
all four times, and i didn't something even more stupid was
to have sex without a condom...damnit i am not sure what in
the hell ever came over was like for once i
didn't have a care in the world...i was having fun without
worrying about the consquences..but should of known better
that if you were going to dance you were going to have to
pay the piper, and well i am keeping one step in front of
the my new year's resolution is not to fuck
any guy who doesn't know my name

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