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2001-09-05 15:55:37 (UTC)

Soon Poem, Africa 2000

Soon, the moon will set high above the white sands of the
Framed behind a lonely palm, and I its only shadow
Too far away to hear the whisper of the blue Mediterranean
I walk among the dessert dunes aching for you to wake
Towards empty marbled white-washed mosques
Through cold still nights, this shadow lost
Wandering, without the compass of your embrace
Anxiously, this shadow waits
For you, old soul, my black and silvered dawn
With starry eyes of twinkling charms, slowly
You lead me even now, arm-in-arm
Past pyramids and Roman ruins
Seducing me throughout milleniums
Until at last
Beyond the dunes, within that hidden oasis
Flows the spring of life from your deep sensual kisses
Sublimely calm, yet, I am restless
In finding peace before this night leaves us
You call my name and softly whisper, "Go to sleep,"
But I linger,
Before my shadow disappears, lost forever, this last time
Into the sands of the Sahara

Stephen Settles, Africa, Jan. 2000