baby pink
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2003-01-02 02:26:47 (UTC)

" BUT I CANT HELP FALLIN IN LOVE WITH U .... ma wee angel i love u

well ppl after all the stress and nervous break downs lol
Im fine and perfectly happy for once lol The weddin was a
sucess i loved it ma honey looked perfect, stunnin i was
walkin bout thinkin "this is ma bf how nice is he?" "What i
do to deserve him?" Fuck honesstly the lady up there loves
me hes perfect, i could nt ask for any one else to take his
place I would nt have it. The only thing is bout the weddin
we had to dance and im left standing thinkin " Punch me
someone toz i think ive died and gone to heaven" It was
perfect we sang to each other, "wise men say.." Nah i loved
it. All that worryin for feck all. lol Nah after the weddin
we went homes watched dvds n went to sleep in the morn he
came in and kissed me the perfect way to wake up, it was
like a fairytale, I m so glad im goin out with him he makes
me so happy. tonite is our three months aniver but it feels
alot longer toz i cant even remember livin without him. he
means the world to me n he dont even know it....

xxx BaBy PiNk xxx