Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-09-05 15:46:05 (UTC)

Wednesday, September 5th

Today is payday, good thing, have Blues tickets to pay for.
So, I need to rearrange bills for this month, so we can pay
for those. We are just doing 11 games this year instead of
44 full season---we just don't have time. With our son
playing hockey, work, etc.

The lawyer said yesterday that our move to Omaha is not a
huge deal, that she will just have to change visitation to
be over the summer instead of every other weekend. My mom
has softened somewhat, at least she didn't beat me up
yesterday. She just said thinks we should think this
through really well and consider the fact that she may have
used drugs while pregnant, and that could affect the
child. And, that her family will hire a lawyer and try to
drag us through the mud. That everything we have ever done
or thought will come out, but that is a two way street she
has done some ugly things in her short life. He is even
willing to work out some payment terms so we don't have to
pay him all at once. I think he is really a nice guy and
is doing what he thinks is in the best interest of the

We are going to talk the our therapist about this before we
make a final decision, because we feel like maybe there i
something we might have overlooked. I think we have gone
over the major points though.