punk girl, interrupted
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2003-01-02 01:02:07 (UTC)

steve part two ;)

well..ive been doing alot of thinking ..and ive been
pretty down about alot of stuff..since lastnight..i miss
steve alot when hes not around..i cant pretend ot be okay
with everything. i am absolutely in love woth steve..with
no exceptions to the scares me so much b/c ive
never been in love..its scares me b/c other ppl are in
love with me and it scares me b/c i dont know whats going
ot happen with me and him....thats the worst part. i guess
i cannot change things i cannot make him love me back..and
maybe ashley is right..maybe i just dont deserve him at
all...all i know is i love him..and it hurts..but i am
gonna hafta deal with that huh?