Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-01-02 00:59:48 (UTC)


happy new year everyone.. its ben again, back from another
long span of not writing. truth is.. i havnt been around a
computer in like 3 weeks.. i hadnt checked my email or
anything in a i have been deleting porn spam for
the last 10 minutes. so hopefully everyones holidays went
well..and now you can all settle down and relax. we havnt
practiced in a long time it seems like.. even though i
guess its only been one week..but now that were suposed to
do it 3 times a week it seems longer. ive just been doing
family stuff and hanging out with my lady. ahh..the end of
another year. i hope you all have a fun. im gone. have a
wonderful day..and come to our show.