What are you, some kind of Adrien?
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2001-09-05 13:46:54 (UTC)

Get Real

Yeah, I watched it this morning. *swoon* I know I know,
it's not sane to fall in love with a video cassette, but I
am. I love the movie. So fukking much. I can talk along
with the entire thing. Yes, I can! Perhaps it's because I
found the script on the net, and printed it off?
Naah...that couldn't be it...

You know what I love (besides Get Real)? Reading other
peoples journals. *shrug* It's like, you get to find out
more about that person, or summat. Eek, I said summat
again. drinkingmercury better not find out, cause that'd be
the second word I stole from him. I stole "yesh" from him.
I tried to give it back, but appearantly, he didn't want me
to. So "yesh" is mine now.

I'm watching Blue's Clues. *loves the show* I know, I'm so
immature. But I'm only 16, so it's allowed, right? I think
Steve's got a girlfriend. You know, the one that owns
Magenta? don't know...because I'm the only one who
watches the show...*sighs*....

I have a really ugly bruise on my leg. I don't know how I
got it. But it looks really disgusting. Speaking of legs, I
have to get my digital camera working, so I can take a
picture of them, to show drinkingmercury that I'm not
skinny. He's so going to owe me $5.

Kayla came over yesterday. *dances* She's finally seen my
medieval room! I was telling her about it the whole time
she was in Corner Brook, so she had to come over and see
it! We went to the Avalon mall. She was never there before.
We might go see a movie today, because she's never been in
the theatre before either. But if we don't, we'll probably
go do something else. Like hang out at her house. Whatever
we do, it shall be fun. The Oracle decrees it so. (long
story.) I need an idea for a kick ass poem. If anyone
reads this, and has any suggestions, I'm more than willing
to accept them! Just leave a message!!

I have to go back to the school today to buy some books. I
have to get my math book and Random Passages. *dances* I'm
in Glenda's theatre arts, Annie's lit and Becca's math!
Theatre arts is going to kick major boo-tay! I loved it
last year, so I'm taking it again.

Hmm, well, I think I'll get going. I'll write again soon!!