No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-01-02 00:14:28 (UTC)

something weird

Ok, wanna hear something weird? Sure you do, if not, don't
read it. :D Everytime I go to type in the website to manage
my diary...I always type in first.
Mmm...dairy....CHEESE IS GOOD. lol. What makes it worse is
that I could make it easy and just click on the link in my
favorties...hmmm....the ways my life could be easier.
It's become very obvious to me that I have no privacy.
Weird statement, I know. But it's very true.
I am still worried about that friend. She called me and
told me more about whats going on. Or not, as far as that
goes. To this person (you know who you are) I love you
and I'll always support you no matter what. I hope
everything works out ok.
It's been raining bad, and our sunk in living room has wet
spots. Last time it flooded (which it isn't close to
flooded yet) it had rained hard. We think maybe it's
leaking through a window or something. I sure hope so.
Hmm...I believe that's all I have to bore you with for now.


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