*Chi* a.k.a Chanette

Starting from Scratch
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2003-01-01 23:39:25 (UTC)

sippin an olive martini and smokin

lalala. yeah so i thought it was about time to get my ass
on here, and stop bullshittin and get to the point. so
here i am on january 1,2003. and i must say, i'm having a
fucking great day. happy to say i have maintained a "nice"
buxx(i meant buzz, yay! for the tipsy girls...whoop
whoopyeah baby!) thru-out the day. yeah so basically this
entry is just the ramblings of a drunk girl, well not quite
drunk. must be some thing tho, since i'm having to
explain my altitude of intoxicatedness. and make up
words..lol lata kool kats!


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