Darkening Thoughts of Nevia Lexi
2001-09-05 12:28:31 (UTC)


Dear Kelly,

Honestly - if I keep waking up so early to write something -
I must desperately needed something. Obviously not sex.
Just plain sleep witll do for sweet Nevia.

:) I was messing with a program on my computer. It was fun.
I almost shouted in joy when I did something i pondered for
two weeks. You'd think I am obsessed with my new computer.

I chatted online today. I met a guy online. He was funny
and sweet and he studies in the same school as me. Except I
don't know who he is, except his screen name "Ghost|{at". I
wonder who he is anyway... And my name online is "Theo-
Ryste". Kinda nice, don't you think.

I need sleep. But I am not sleepy.

What else? Phoenix is gonna have her party this Saturday
and I don't know what to wear. Jamie is not going to attend
her party. As for Kitty, I don't know what's going with her
now. I don't care. I don't want to know no more.

I decided to wear all black today. I don't know. I am too
lazy to look all pretty today. Black is simple and easy to
color cordinate. Everyone is asking why I am wearing all
black anyway. I am not like Phoenix or the goth kids, they
said. So? I can't wear black is it? I would be labelled as
goth or something if I wear black? Sheesh.

I saw Kris in the library again. He was there when I
entered to do some research on the planet's geology and
also to write to you.

Later. I need to eat. I am hungry.