Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2003-01-01 23:11:41 (UTC)

Poem - "Alone"

Written as a song, works as a poem. You know the deal.

Something’s not right, trouble is near,
It usually happens this time of year,
The clouds are gray and there’s frostbite in the air,
You’d be safe alone if you could only bring yourself to

The joyful songs have gone and died,
Ain’t no lights on the other side,
The bells are broken that just last evening rang,
You’re gonna fall alone if you don’t find a place to hang.

It’s a little too quiet in the street,
I no longer hear that marching beat,
Everything’s dead in the tired and lonesome land,
You could walk alone if you could only find a place to

The church is closed, the doors are locked,
Nobody seems to be all that shocked,
Even the priest is wasting away at home,
You could escape alone if you only knew where to roam.

Children will scream, parents will fight,
Only the cynics are gonna laugh tonight,
The rooster crows at dawn and we’ll start anew,
You could smile alone if you could only speak a word or two.

You lie awake, pretend you’re asleep,
Doesn’t everything just seem so cheap,
Pretty soon now you’ll have nothing you can possibly save,
You could sleep alone if you could only quit diggin’ your

Doors that were open are starting to close,
Locking up secrets nobody knows,
You’re missing it all for the great big gravy ride,
You’re gonna die alone if you don’t see what’s inside.