Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-01-01 22:15:34 (UTC)

2003 .... one more year has gone by

School will start again soon.... ::sigh:: Only thing
is, I'm finally old enough to drop out. I don't want to.
not by the least. I guess I... really don't have that
option in reality. I can't let my family down after all the
trouble they've went through helping me in my academic
To tell the truth, I don't know much about anything
I've ever been taught in school. Listen, I don't care what
people say about high schoool. To me, its only another
stepping stone to my dream....which is to get married, have
some kids, and just... live in peace. Yeah, that's what I
really want in life... I could care less about being rich,
living on a tropical island, or even having the chance to
be a celebrity.
Hahaha I guess you can start thinking about all of
that once you're already married. Woa, I'm not getting
married as soon as I hit 18 now! There's plenty of time in
life. I'm not the kind of person to rush things. (I gotta
stop talking about this...) Well, Iknow for sure, I'll
never drink or do drugs. Drugs destroyed my entire family
and life! I hate it so much that I'd literally kill myself
to end the use of them! But anyways, I don't plan on losing
my virginty until I'm married either. I won't lie, its
harder than it might seem. I can't live with guilt in my
life.... I'd much rather die. So you see, my heart is in
the right place too. I owe all this to God though. In
return for him saving my life so many times in my
childhood, I pray to him every night. Well, I gotta go,
catch you later.

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