the ups and downs of my life
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2003-01-01 21:29:16 (UTC)


well the next day was xmas. i woke upu early cuase my
brothers were really loud. i open all my presents i got
some cool stuff. i got a shirt form old navyand a cute
teddy bear and other stuff and some movies and lots of
other stuff. Than i went to my dads house he got my about
11 o clock. he got me a vcr, a cd, money for clothes, a
lava lamp but its electric and a musical thingy with
cats. and a wieght bench. than my aunt and cousins came
down.and they got me stuff. it snowed 18 inches on
christmas day!! it was crazy. me and casi tried to go
sliegh riding but it didnt work out too well....too much
snow. and that was all for christmas day. than afew days
later i went to my grandpas and he got me a basketball and
2 movies.....leagally blonde and Coyote ugly....i love
coyote ugly. its the coolest movie ever lol

well thats all for now