Mental Insomnia
2001-09-05 09:57:08 (UTC)

Kill Me or get out...

I never know what to say when someone asks me if I'm gay. I
mean I like both sexes. I love having sex with men and
women. When you're bi-sexual, how do you answer a question
like that?

"Mikey" called me today. I told him to drop dead and then
I hung up. "Adam" has stopped calling me and I really miss
that. i miss the daily 12 am phone calls. I always got home
from the club just in time. I miss those talks. He would
tell me about some hot guy and I would tell him about some
hot guy or chick depending who I'd met that day. Why can't
life just be simpler? Why can't "Adam" realize I'm not mad
at him? I know he never meant to intentionally hurt me.
I've always known that he thought "Mikey" was cute.

I cant talk anymore. I'm too emotional. i gotta go.