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2001-02-11 22:04:06 (UTC)

_Whole_ The hairs on my arms..


The hairs on my arms tremble with anticipation
Holding legs close to ease the eruption

corruption of heart
cooperation of secretions with dubious glands

receiving images of hard-skinned forms
from softly shaken cells

suggesting times of pleasurable accounts
smothered face between two mounds of flesh

Muscles diving below the surface
breaking the threshold of flesh eaten boundaries
Crawling on hands and knees through a forestry of love

Beverages flowing from cracked lips become
moist through repetition and time

Again and again, plundering a valley
creating tides that pillage the backside

Wanting the hoyden to accept my advances
Moaning into cotton filled packages
that support the unbridled screams
of eternal eyes rolled back

Blasphemous beeps through crusted walls
limit the exchanging of vows
Portals agape offer a view of ceremonious times

Take my submarine and offer it up for those across
immaturely divided bricks to voyeur at the
white entering black

Head first, I dive into your waters
Wishing to be enveloped by the Whole
which nothing dares to enter

Allow me this
Give me this

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