Would you mean this please if it happens
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2003-01-01 20:17:24 (UTC)


Last night was so incredibly fun, I went to ryans house
where he was having a party (new years bash) and got
completly drunk and laughed my ass off with matt, i swear
to god that guy is one of the funniest people ever. we
were laughing the entire time and came up with such funny
shit like: CHAPS, and pouring beer on lucas's pants, and
taking his camera, and making fun of nick, and talking
about crazy stuff. he is such a rad guy and we had a good
time last night. ryans mom was drunk too and stormed into
ryans room where there was like 30 people in and started
cussing at us and telling us we all had to leave, none of
us did though, she was just drunk. then after some people
left we went to eat downstairs and me and matt kept
falling over and at one point i was lying on the ground
for like 20 minutes laughing. matt was so funny cause he
couldnt even stand up he kept leaning way back about to
fall over. damn i wish someone would have taped it. after
the new years, we started to go to sleep but ended up
sitting in ryans room laughing and being complete idiots.
it would get quiet and matt would make a sound like a
dying goat (which was his stoner laugh) and me and him and
ryan would just start laughing for about 20 minutes.
everyone was telling us to shut the hell up hahaha. we
finally got to bed at like 3, then got up at 8 and talked
about all the shit we did the previous night, it was
hilarious...then i came home, told my mom i drank, and
took a shower and now im talking to lacy who is making me
very confused about what i want in my life right

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