No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-01-01 19:51:02 (UTC)

Happy New Year

Happy New year everyone! I love you!
Anways, baby sitting last night went well. The little one
slept the whole time and the older one watched TV. I got
home around 12:45. I got on the phone, ate Mozzerella
Sticks, checked my e-mail and stuff then went in my room,
talked till 4:45-5 ish and went to sleep.
I was woken up at 11 today by my sister stopming on the
roof above my room and the dogs wouldn't stop barking. So,
I jumped in the shower after trying to block the noise out
for 30 minutes.
It rained BAD last night. Everything was flooded. Cars were
stuck on the main boulevard in Imperial Lakes (where I
live) becasue they couldn't make it through the water. Our
back yard is very wet. lol. Nothing new.
I'm REALLY worried about a friend of mine and I can't wait
till she calls.
I think that is all the exciting (if you would call it
that, I sure wouldn't) stuff that has happened lately.
I'm gunna shut up now and stop wasting your time :D Later.