De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-09-05 07:47:20 (UTC)

2nd half of school startin...

Wed 5/9/01

Yoz, been a while since i've updated. as told before, i
just got back from a north isle tour and am now rushing all
my 4 assignemtns as well as studgin for a mid term test
next it's been quite a drag so far...anyway, juz
a quick recap of my holiday itinarary:

Day 1 : Left for Ohakune, the village at the base of Mount
Ruapehu (which has twin peaks, Whakapapa and Turoa) We
travelled in a party of 9.. 5 from Weir House and 4 from
Victoria House. So we have 2 cars.. reached Ohakune after
about 4 hours drive from Wellington. It was a journey of
fantastic views...

Day 2: Went skiing at Mount Turoa. Finally touched snow!!!
it wasm't so cold up there..-3 degree celsius but the
sunlight was so strong!! one betta wear some sunblock or
else will get barbequeued... the view up there was
absolutely breathtaking... we spent the whole day skiing or
rather, learnin how to ski there... and i'm proud to say
i've mastered basic skiing skills!! we then took the snow
lift up to the higher mountains...whoa...the view on the
lift..... you get to see beyond the snow mountains ....
pure white snow and nice blue skies..heaven....

Day 3: Set off for Taupo, the volcanic lake in Central
North Island. Taupo alone is bigger than Singapore!!! We
toured the Taupo regions and this is definately my fave day
of the trip...cos everything's so beautiful and free!!! We
went to the Huka Falls, a natural waterfall....and Craters
of the eerie grassland with steam rising out of
the thermal's like being in the middle of a
battlefield...realli surreal and beautiful there....

Day 4: Went to Rotorua...that place stinks!!!
literally,..... it is because of the sulphur from the
volcanic rocks.We visited the Maori Village, it's this
authentic village in the forest where the Maoris performed
a concert for us and we also attended the hangi, a Maori
feast...realli good food.... but the trip was costly
though..still it's an expereince going into the Maori

Day 5: More Rotorua ...visited the Wai-O-Tapu...a thermal has many sulphur pools and more stunning,
surreal sights... also went to the Rainbow farm for some
animal shows,, which i don't really enjoy watching...except
for the cute little lambs..heheh.... the highlight must be
our visit to the Polynesian Spa, where we soaked in the
mineral spa pools in the open air facing the's
realli great and warm inside...the pool is actualli a
naturall mineral pool...and it's quite hot when one enters

Day 6: Headed back to Wellington and stopped on Napier
along the way.. visited the wonderful beach there...
gigantic waves...and had a realli delicious Chinese
lunch .... haven't had duck for such a long time...realli
miss it...yummy.....

and so i've arrived back in Wellington...time to do my
assingments... we;ve made many new friends in this trip and
we juz met up yesterday again to cook as well as view the
hilarious video Hua Gang took of us....

well.... a hefty update...i'm off to my