humming bird

my F***ed up head
2003-01-01 19:03:18 (UTC)


ok so waaaaaait.... TWo new years in a row i spent with
jason, we wentto stacy's and then came back here and
chilled at nikkis becuz her dad is gone and jason chilled
with us til like 5 30 in the morning, it was some crazy
shit... but yeah i am not over him and i dont know what the
fuck i amspose to do about that becuz imean i cant just
like tell him, its just that, if i say something then i am
taking the risk of ruining a friendship that i have wanted
to have for so long and depsite the fact that i want that
friendship to be more hte just a friendhsip, i am not gonna
loose the only thing i have.i mean, i use to want to at
least be friends with him sooo bad and i got it, but now i
want more, but i cant have more, if it happens it happens
and if it doesnt then whatever,i cant do anything about it,
i should be happy with what i got, whatever i cantthink
straight right now, oh yeah and i didnt get drunk on new
years weird....