Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2003-01-01 18:58:50 (UTC)

New Year, things change

I didn't think my coming back up to Stirling University
alone would make me feel any different but it has. I'm not
exactly sure how though. I feel different again. This is a
third me, different from Alexander back in Elderslie and
Alex in Stirling. I'm changing but I don't want to,
something in me is refusing to allow it to happen. I can't
tell what it is that's stopping me. Its scarey in a way.

We spent New Year eve an most of New Years morning at
christine's flat at the Uni. It felt good to have most of
the old gang back together after so many months of not
seeing each other. Altogether there was Ian, Andrew, Irene
(Christine's little sister), Christine, Ruth and myself.
We've all pretty much given up on Graeme since he appears
to have given up on us as well. I don't know where or what
Sarah was up to, it was never explained to me. We had a
good time I think, there were the usual things going down
and we seemed to enjoy ourselves somewhat. They're all
pretty much gone now though. The memories fading fast,
feelings being the only thing to remain. People returning
to their status as relics of the past, a name, a memory, a
feeling. That's all people are in the grand scheme of
things. I'm hungry.

Till Next Time Space Kittens!