inque nine/synthetic sour
2001-09-05 06:55:42 (UTC)

nyasu no paati

hey. well i just faxed out my resume to a bunch o' places
i found on the job bank thingy. looks like i'll actually
hafta start answerin the fone now. i've gotten so used 2
lettin it ring that i hardly ever hear it n e more. it
used 2 bother me a lot, but now im able to let it keep
ringing. i kno that if it's marvin, he'd call my cell if i
din pick up @ home. and i kno that the only person who'd
call my cell is marvin... well... not n e more. i had 2
put my cell # in the resume n stuff. but im assuming
they'd call the 1st # on the list first.

n e wayz... marv's asleep already cuz he hasta work early
2morrow. i shouldnt stay up 2 late so i can wake up early
2morrow 2, then get everything done b4 he gets home. but
knowing me, i'll b up until 4, sleep until after 12, etc.
etc. etc....

well, i'm off to embrace my net addiction some more. yes,
this is a lame entry... i got distracted and now my train
of thought is gone. =P sigh...