Probing into my mind
2003-01-01 16:57:25 (UTC)

New Years 2003 Resolutions

Hey I just woke up...New Years Eve wasn't as bad as I
thought it would be. I saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of
Secrets with my parents til almost ten. I really liked it.
I guess for a while I wanted to go against the popular
thing..u know the Harry Potter obsession...I never really
gave it a chance...its actually reallly cool. J.K. Rowling
certainly has an imagination! I think I'm gonna read the mom has the 1st four...when i have time of
course...which shouldn't be any time soon with mid-terms
and the play..
Now for my New Years Resolutions. O jeez...where do i
begin? Here's my list so far in a random order.
1) be more patient with people
2) listen to what they have to say
3) don't interrupt ppl just so u wont forget what ur gonna
4) keep rudeness to a minimum
5) make more friends outside of band (sorry bandies!)
6) be more respectful to my parents
7) make fun of my dad less
8) stop procrastinating
9) stop being unhappy with myself and dramaizing

Okay so u know that these resolutions are many and some
are farfetched...but Im going to try...really this time!
I need my friends' support tho...tell me when im breaking
a resolution! It'll be a long road to self improvement
this year...but it'll be worth it in the end!