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2003-01-01 16:45:53 (UTC)

*Happy 2oo3*!

Hmmm.. hello... muhahha welcome to my lovely, warm and
fuzzy home on the web. ::spiders roll in:: ;D... Anyways, I
decided that looking back on the last year, I need to make
massive changes in my lifestyle-- physically and mentally.
I will try to make these serious resolutions come true:
1) Eat healthy (as much as I detest vegetables, I must try)
2) Don't listen to everything of what ppl think and never
trust anyone except for your best friends
3) Help my mom WAY more.
4) Listen to my brother (cuz he's always right ;) )
5) Stop talking so loud!!
6) Open up a journal
and I had a lot more.. but yeah....

Ok, I decided to open up this journal because I realized I
couldn't sleep through the night. And.. hmm also cuz I'm a
spaz and I think I annoy my best friend ;) sorry. I was
rolling around and I wondered what was missing in my life.
My thoughts? I couldn't seem to write them at the time.. so
I decided to keep them in here. I can type much faster than
writing it. Well wow, how was my new year? Very nice! Since
I usually sleep at like 2:00am talking to my lovely
friends. The reason why I must keep this journal anonymous,
is because I wish to be always sincere in my thoughts and
not sugarcoating things, which is my nature. Well.. it's
mainly not for you to read, but for me to look back. It's a
history book :). Ok.. can I actually start my REAL ENTRY

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